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Cordele Circuit Standing Orders

Order Adopting Standard Orders effective January 3, 2011
TOC Table of Contents
2011-01      Guidelines for Excusal and Deferral of Jurors
2011-02 Leaves of Absence
2011-03 Orders Presented for Signature Following Hearings
2011-04 Child Support Worksheets and Schedules
2011-05 Child Support Addendum and Final Orders
2011-06 Domestic Relations Action Standing Order
2011-07 Seminar For Divorcing Parents
2011-08 Calendar Preparation
2011-09 Civil Trial Calendar Preparation
2011-10 Calendar of Pending Civil Actions-Notice
2011-11 Criminal Action Pre-Trial Order
2011-13 Court Costs For Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs
2011-14 Court Reporters
2011-15 Default Judgment Orders and Order for Disbursement of Funds
2011-16 Ex Parte Relief and Temporary Orders
2011-17 Modification of Contempt Actions-Attached Exhibit Required
2011-18 Sheriffs and Bailiffs-Attendance in Court and Security
2011-19 Sheriffs-Appointment of Bailiffs
2011-20 Filing Discovery
2011-21 Attorneys-Letters Not Signed
2011-22 Entry of Appearance-Criminal Matters
2011-23 Violation of Procedures-Sanctions
2011-24 Parenting Plan for Child Custody
2011-25 Accommodations for Court Proceedings in the Cordele Judicial Circuit
2012-01 Jury Management (Amended 7/01/2014)
2013-01 Courtroom Access for Criminal Proceedings
2013-02 Courtroom Access
2015-01 Electronic Filing and Service in Civil Cases
2016-01 Garnishment Affidavits
2017-01 Rules of Conduct in the Courtroom
2018-01 Order regarding Notices of Appeal and Motions for New Trial
2018-02 Uniform Superior Court Rule 22 and Use of Recording Devices in Courtrooms