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The Eighth Judicial Administrative District was created in 1977 pursuant to O.C.G.A. §15-5-1 and includes the Cordele, Dublin, Middle, Ocmulgee and Oconee Judicial Circuits.

The Eighth Judicial Administrative District Council is composed of the Superior Court Judges named from the circuits listed above and the senior Judges of the district. The District Council elects an Administrative Judge who is responsible for the assignment of judges, short and long term district plans, and court support services. The Administrative Judge serves both on the Executive Committee of the Council of Superior Court Judges and the Judicial Council of Georgia.

The Eighth Judicial Administrative District Office is staffed by District Court Administrator Bob Nadekow and District Secretary Belinda Whirley.  The District Office is responsible for:  
            1. The budgeting and financial management of all five judicial circuits;
            2. Providing support to the Administrative Judge in the assignment of judges;
            3. Serving as a liaison between the courts and local governments;
            4. Providing public relations for the judges in all five circuits;
            5. Establishing and maintaining the technological infrastructure of the five  
                 judicial circuits;   
            6. Providing administrative and fiscal support to the Accountability Courts of the Eighth
                 District; and
            7. Management and administrative support of the collection of caseload data from
                  the Superior and Juvenile Courts of the Eighth District.

On behalf of Administrative Judge Sarah F. Wall, thank you for allowing us to serve you.

For more information or comments about your Eighth Judicial District Superior or Juvenile Courts, please email this office at: bnadekow@eighthdistrict.org.